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logoThank you for giving me a a few minutes of your time!


I have listed a few reasons why I think you would like to do business with Haybec Brokerage.


  • Proprietary Transportation Management Technology
  • Extensive screening of all carriers including:
    • Through investigation of their authority to ensure that it is active
    • Verification of insurance including an update Accord naming Haybec Brokerage as certificate holder as well as a request to become “Additional Insured”
    • A thorough safety record check through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Detailed load trucking using the following methods:
    • Verification of pick up
    • Daily check calls
    • Verification of delivery
    • Notification to shipper of results and status upon delivery
  • We working already with big companies like Coyote, Landstar and Western Logistics and have a fleet around 11,000 trucks to move your freight!


We go the extra mile to ensure that our customer’s loads are delivered:

On time

In good condition

With no problems


We provide a variety of services at competitive prices:

Truck Load



Our commitment to you, regardless of your freight need,

is to provide you and your customers quality service.


Once again, thank you for your time and I am looking forward to talking to you soon!


Haybec Brokerage, LLC

100 Ali Str, Sharpsburg, PA 15205

Phone: (412) 801-1007, (412) 712-5658

Fax: (412) 781-3879

MC# 976452


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